ROV Simulation

Are you struggling to get sufficient practice (hours) piloting ROV’S?
Why not try our training programme that will give you the confidence and extra experience needed to carry out various ROV tasks.

Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services in the area of underwater simulation through a dedication to realism in partnership with our customers throughout the industry supply stream.

About ROV Simulation

In the world of subsea simulation the ROV simulator has set a high standard for cost effective, accurate and visually amazing underwater ROV experience.

All over the world in over 20 countries and over 100 training and educational constitutions use this system.

What The Simulation (ROV Sim2 Pro) Can Do:

  • Adjust the ROV’s physics and dynamics.
  • Add options on a casualty situation.
  • Alter the environment from good visibility /no visibility.
  • Change the video overlay.
  • Selection of ROV, s to pilot.

What The Simulator Consists Of:

  • Scanning sonar simulator.
  • Tether management system.
  • Remote Instructor control.
  • 2 cameras on ROV.
  • Sea editor on surge and current.
  • Vehicle dynamics editor

Some Missions Include:

  • Crime Investigator.
  • Ship Hull Inspection.
  • Obstacle course.
  • Water tank Inspection.

ROV Simulations For:

  • Ageotec
  • GNOM
  • Sea Eye Falcon
  • Sea Botix
  • Video Ray Pro 4
  • Outland 2000

Tools Include:

  •  Laser Measuring Device.
  • DOF Manipulator.
  • Suction Collector.

No other ROV simulator out there will offer you this virtual experience!!

Real ROV Training:

We will also be offering a service which will include going to Liverpool Docks and using a variety of different ROV’s to get you confident on piloting the different Machines. Our equipment includes:

Video Ray Pro 4

DSTO DVL PRO4 300x225 ROV Simulator

Outland 2000

outland technology rov model 2000 oti rov 1000 300x300 ROV Simulator

Outland 1000

rov1000l 300x233 ROV Simulator

All training days will include the use of sonar equipment if wanted.

You will receive the highest attention from a highly qualified Piloting technician who has years of experience of use in all aspects of the equipment.


Our prices will vary depending on what sort of training you would like to do and how long you want to do it for.

Please feel free to contact us if you want a quote. Our prices won’t be beaten as we are highly competitive in prices.