Specializing in environmental services, our company can offer a comprehensive, tailor made service. The benefits of using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for survey and inspection are manifold. We deal with many different types of organization ranging from local authorities and environmental agencies to insurance companies.

Our professional team of staff regularly carries out environmental inspections of rivers, lakes and flood defenses. Slipway bypasses, underground reservoirs and caves can all be accessed by our ROV equipment.

Our Hi-Tech range of underwater cameras can also be utilized in inspecting dredging and construction impact as well as confirming structural integrity and monitoring soil erosion and, if necessary, observe potential acts of foul play and sabotage.

The maintaining and servicing of waterways can potentially be very expensive, especially if this requires hiring teams of professional divers. Modern Health & Safety legislation restricts the amount of time divers can spend underwater which in turn leads to the need to employ more divers at added expense to your company.

The use of a remote operated vehicle reduces the need for professional divers which in turn can drastically reduce your maintenance and servicing bill.

It is now possible to carry out underwater inspection while at the same time removing the time constraints that divers have when working underwater. Our ROVs have full video and audio capability combined with powerful lights to produce underwater images of startling definition and clarity. Underwater Vision ROVs can provide clear, colour images in real time to the pilot on the surface and makes inspection and underwater surveys safer and more cost effective.

For underwater inspections, the ROV can be equipped with a high-resolution camera, wide-angle lens and sonar. The main unit is surprisingly light and is highly maneuverable; it can easily fit into smaller areas than a diver could, such as pipes, drains, hulls and in between structures.

The images are clear and in colour and will show damage, corrosion, defects and underwater structural problems up-close. In order to control future damage and to prove that regular inspections have taken place, video footage of the inspection can be kept on record for future examination.

If there is extensive damage to an underwater structure, identification is usually quicker and if necessary divers can be called in to carry out repairs in a shorter time period.

Future inspections can be conducted to prove that the necessary repairs have been made to meet all current safety standards. This is particularly important when it comes to public places or structures used by people on a daily basis.

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