When it comes to Structural Integrity Testing, Underwater Vision has some of the latest tools to perform some of the most difficult tasks.

We are able to measure the thickness of metal underwater using rovs. When we measure the thickness we determine wastage or corrosion accurately, quickly and without removing surface coating.

We have a dedicated probe holder to enable us to measure on curved and flat surfaces. We also do not have to touch the surface we are measuring as we are able to measure through 5mm of water ensuring there is no contact if this is required.

We can check corrosion on offshore structures such as ships and wrecks. We are also able to monitor pipelines and storage vessels as well as checking wear on dock gates, jetties, piers and pilings.

Underwater Vision is also a member of the British Institute of None Destructive Testing.

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ndttesting N.D.T Structural Integrity Testing

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