Underwater Vision specializes in providing non-destructive testing and inspection services, excelling in hydro power station maintenance. We provide a comprehensive range of services notably pipeline observation and structural integrity inspection. With extensive experience in the hydropower industry, we offer a bespoke service covering every aspect of underwater monitoring and maintenance including turbine and sluice gate observation and main flow pipe inspection.

Non-Destructive Testing has radically changed emphasis over recent years from a focus on detecting defects arising during the manufacture of new products, to detecting process induced integrity problems. Underwater Vision has established itself at the forefront of an NDT technological revolution by a process of investment in state-of-the-art equipment and specialized training to meet this step-change.

The result is an infrastructure that offers a comprehensive range of Specialist Inspection Services (SIS) that individually or in combination provide state of the art solutions to the ever-increasing demand for Non-Invasive Inspection.

We offer turbine monitoring, we provide water tank inspection, fire suppression tank inspection and service reservoir inspection. We provide fully integrated power plant operations and maintenance services to optimize plant performance and generate higher profits. Our experience has been acquired on numerous power plants focusing on hydroelectric and renewable source stations.

We supply a broad spectrum of Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) services to the power industry and other heavy industries. Underwater Visions uses state-of-the-art equipment, which, coupled with our vast experience, enables us to offer a comprehensive, high quality service. Our power station underwater maintenance engineers are specialists in utilizing the ROVs powerful high-definition cameras to evaluate the search area and highlight potential problems before they escalate.

Underwater Vision has specialist non-destructive examination (NDE) products and services that cover advanced NDE technologies, outage management and consultancy. The techniques we employ give simultaneous data imaging and enhanced defect characterization, enabling accurate defect detection of critical components. Our company offers a fully integrated approach to enhancing power plant performance. We have techniques that will increase plant flexibility in response to varying levels of underwater maintenance demand, ensure reliability to meet contractual commitments, and achieve greater efficiency to control costs.

Our complete range of expert services will enable you to manage environmental performance more effectively. We can assess the underwater maintenance impacts of your business, whether in power generation or environmental services, and provide operations advice to minimize your costs within a competitive framework.

Underwater Vision can provide a unique risk assessment process to help identify and quantify potential underwater maintenance issues. The results will enable you to optimize the running of your power plant underwater maintenance and servicing plans.

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