When it came to inspecting service reservoirs 10 years ago the common practice was to drain the entire reservoir and then send in a team to inspect it. When this was done the water would be lost and the tank would then have to be completely re sterilised, this did of course become very costly. Underwater Vision can now perform this service using underwater rovs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) allowing us to inspect a reservoir without having to drain the reservoir.

Water tanks and service reservoirs are confined spaces by using underwater ROVs this alleviates putting human life in danger in anyway as well as the ability to get into much smaller spaces. All of our equipment is solely used for drinking and freshwater storage tanks only so rest assured cross contamination will not be a problem.

All of our equipment is sterilised in accordance with the DWI, Drinking Water Inspector Regulations.

Underwater Visions rovs are able to take a water samples at any depth as well as stream live video back to our base station were we can then burn this collected information to a disk on site.

All of our staff hold national water hygiene cards for working on restricted sites, and health and safety is always the most important factor for us when working on site.

The Chemicals we use to clean our ROVs is on the allowed substances list in accordance with the DWI.

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Common problems are: Paint integrity, ceiling integrity, weld seems, rises, inlets and outlets.

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