Does your company have a fire suppression system? Usually when it comes to checking your system it requires a full plant closure according to health and safety regulations.

Underwater Vision can prevent this by using our own equipment; we are able to keep the fire suppression system active while also inspecting its structure, integrity, inlets and outlets. This not only saves you losing money and time it also prevents you from having to close down your entire plant.

A water storage tank isn’t just used for fire suppression systems many factories use there water tanks to help with preparation of products. So by using Underwater Vision you can keep your factory fully operational while we perform a full service.

Of course there are so many different types of services or problems that can happen with water storage tanks that it would be impossible for us to list them all.

Common Problems: Blockages, paint coating conditions and corrosion.

IMG 3810 Water Storage Tank Inspections
vlcsnap 2014 03 31 13h32m45s195 Water Storage Tank Inspections

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