Underwater Vision specializes in the observation and maintenance of fixed, foundation based Offshore Wind Farms, in particular concrete base and steel pile (monopole) inspection, J-Tube and main cable monitoring, structural integrity checks and sea bed surveys.

One of the challenges facing the operators of wind farms as they move from land-based to offshore systems is the year-round inspection and maintenance of the turbines and underwater components in a potentially hostile and remote environment.

Issues to be addressed include the choice of support vessel, the system of access to the turbines and the operational procedures and environmental limits; these will be affected by the size and location of the offshore wind farm, the maintenance requirements of the wind turbines, and the number and location of the maintenance personnel.

Operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms is more difficult and expensive than equivalent onshore wind farms. Offshore conditions cause more onerous construction and commissioning operations and accessibility for routine servicing and maintenance is a major concern. During harsh winter conditions, a complete wind farm may be inaccessible for a number of days due to sea, wind and visibility conditions.

Even given favorable weather conditions, operation and maintenance tasks are more expensive than onshore, being influenced by the distance of the Offshore Wind Energy Conversion Systems (OWECS) from shore, the exposure of the site, the size of the OWECS, the reliability of the turbines, and the maintenance strategy under which they are operated.

Offshore installations require specialist dive teams to carry out service inspections that can severely impact on maintenance budgets. The use of underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can drastically reduce your yearly servicing and maintenance costs.

The severe weather conditions experienced by offshore wind turbines dictate the requirement for high reliability components coupled with adequate environmental protection for virtually all components exposed to sea conditions.

Consequently, the requirement for remote monitoring and visual inspection becomes more important to maintain appropriate turbine availability levels.

Underwater Visions objective is to carry out all its operations without harming the environment. We bring the most up-to-date scientific approaches into our inspection and observation process, whilst constantly evolving and improving our inspection techniques, constantly seeking to develop new methods for assessment and monitoring.

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